Fiat level the playing field

Phew. It seems that Fiat’s awful “cars as fashion accessories” message in advertising isn’t just confined to women. They’ve decided to patronise men too, by likening a Fiat 500 to something they’d find in their wardrobe.

BMW launch a new series – 4

I’m rather a fan of sleek lines, automotive or otherwise, so two door coupés have always been right up my street (I’ve owned a few). When rumours abounded a couple of years ago that the 3 series coupé was to be no more, I thought BMW were making a terrible mistake. However, in killing it […]

How Fiat think women want to be targeted

My enjoyment of the Style section in the Sunday Times was somewhat sullied by this double page Fiat 500 advert: Is this really how Fiat think women want to be targeted? By using the pre-pubescent past time of cutting out paper clothes and putting them over a cartoon character as the primary feature. This is […]

We are going to need a bigger boat…

After exhaustive research I realised that the Scandinavians are right. Keeping a child rear facing until they are 4 years old is significantly (five times) safer than forwards. It’s all about the weight of their heads and the physics is obvious. Decision made, seat bought and fitted. A BeSafe Izi Combi, for those who want […]

Fast cars and babies

I was always very dismissive of mothers who said that their lives had changed, that they thought differently, all those annoying cliches one hears in the pre-baby years. Well, they are true. Now I have had my son there has been a seismic shift in my attitude to driving (among other things). I always had […]

Why the Range Rover Sport is like Daniel Craig…

When is a car not a car? When it’s Daniel Craig in car form. What other car can scale mountains, wade rivers, handle the Stelvio pass at speed and then turn up at the Savoy for dinner? Not many…Not only can it do anything and go anywhere, it car is a blast to drive. 0-60mph […]

Enough sexism!

The whole reason for this site is explained in one photo caption in the August issue of Car magazine. Women are still being marginalised and ridiculed as all being completely useless behind the wheel and unable to change a tyre. It’s high time this changed! Women make up half of all car owners and 16 […]

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Unusually for a girl, I really don’t like cars that don’t have a roof. They are generally too noisy – the wind/road/tyre noise eclipsing anything you might get from the engine, too blowy (my hair, darling!) and too darn small. I hate feeling like I could be nothing more than a Redbull-spilling bump in the […]