Lack of female journalists highlighted in Diesel Car magazine

Journalist Simon Hacker has written an interesting piece in Diesel Car about the lack of women on the board of Car of the Year (COTY) and about the lack of women in general in motoring journalism – and yours truly is quoted.

BMW launch driverless car

Well, at least that’s what it looks like from the latest 4 series convertible ad! Hopefully I’ll be testing the new M3 and M4 soon. Watch this space…

The ERF (extended rear facing) i-size car seat problem

Government guidelines in the new i-size car seats (which will likely be law from 2015) will mean that toddlers must stay rear facing until 15 months minimum. In countries like Sweden it is 4yrs old. This is a GOOD thing. Small children have large heads and weak necks, and can suffer catastrophic neck injuries in […]

Citroen joins Fiat in the patronising advert campaign

Citroen have jumped on the sexist, twee, patronising school of advertising. This time, it’s all about the incredibly important need to match one’s car to one’s nail polish. I find this to be a recurring problem and often cannot leave the house as I can’t quite match the shade. Fortunately, Citroen have the answer. Not […]

MG3 SuperMini

This is a good looking little thing. Well styled, with raked, angular headlights, leds and squared off exhaust pipes. I like. Putting aside the clichéd colour scheme of this particular car (pink wing mirrors, pink 1970’s style check roof) the new MG3 supermini could audition for a part in Dr Who as the new Tardis. […]

Where are the female motoring journalists?

If you go and buy any of the big, glossy car magazines (Evo, Car magazine, Top Gear) you won’t find a single road test written by a woman. Ditto websites like PistonHeads. A nameless (male) motoring editor friend of mine told me that none of these publications want women because they marginalise cars and that […]

Jaguar’s Sportbrake

In the domain of higher end estate cars, the mantle has long been held by BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Refinement, reliability and good looks are very important in this sector, and driving enjoyment is at times overlooked when opting for diesel engines, which almost everyone does these days. As raucous and ridiculously fun the RS6s, […]

BMW X5 has bum lift, kicks ass.

The original X5 was groundbreaking: A 4×4 that actually went around corners without giving the impression of being aboard a heeling yacht. It spawned a whole new generation of sporty SUVS. It did however, have a bum like a fishwife. The next one had a more shapely backside, and this all new X5 has a pleasingly […]

Mini Paceman John Cooper Works

If you have a headache, have had a crap day, are bored with life, feeling a bit sleepy, gone overdrawn, been dumped or if ANYTHING BAD AT ALL has happened to you, jump in this car and go for a drive. If it doesn’t immediately cheer you up, you are in fact already dead. From […]

Where do women go to read about cars?

…Or do they read about cars at all? I can’t think of a single friend of mine who has bought or even read a car magazine. They are produced entirely for men – from the blokey (sexist) banter to the all-male contributors. So if a girl wants a car, what does she do? As far […]