Premium MPV from BMW

BMW launched their first ever MPV last year (sharp intake of breath) in front wheel drive (faint!). The 2 series active tourer was an instant hit,  and this new model, the 2 series Gran Tourer, is a longer, 7 seater version.     The back seats slide backwards and forwards, and you can fit three child seats […]

Classic cars

Now that Supercars are so ubiquitous, classic cars have enjoyed something of a resurgence in popularity, not to mention stratospheric increases in value. I’d have made a fortune if I’d had the money to invest… All that aside, are they fun to drive? Some are more fun than others. Don’t forget few cars older than […]

BMW i8

Design that will both stand the test of time and yet also turn heads when launched is a rare thing indeed. Most achieve one or the other. The BMW i8 has done both.

McLaren 650 S. It’s really, really, really fast.

McLaren 650S Spider Traffic police hear it all the time. “I didn’t realise I was going so fast”. “Yes madam, of course you didn’t”. They roll their eyes and issue the fine anyway. However in the 650s, it’s true. You simply don’t realise how quick you are going until you look at the dash. The […]

V12 Vantage S is the bad boy you just have to take home….

You know the one…too good looking for his own good. Charming, funny but totally set in his ways and loves his freedom. Yet…irresistible, because he will be just so much fun to be with. Even though it might all end in tears, you just can’t help yourself. Because he might be the ONE… Well, here […]

Wilton Classic Supercar with Castrol Edge: Not just for boys

Yesterday’s event was a true family day out. All ages, both genders – having fun and enjoying the spectacle of a beautiful house and beautiful cars. You don’t have to be obsessed with cars to enjoy WCS. The house and grounds are stunning. The cars are gorgeous, no one can deny that the design of […]

Special girly parking spaces in China

A furore has been caused in China by the creation of some pink parking spaces for women only. Not only are they pink, but they are larger than the other spaces. The implication is of course that women can’t drive and therefore need larger spaces. Personally, if someone wants me to park in a larger […]

The new M3: School run at warp factor 10

I do have a few friends who do school runs in something fun. The trouble is that usually fun cars and kids don’t combine because said fun cars generally only have two doors. However the M3 saloon has four. Happy days 🙂

Sunday Times. Female writer – good. Subject matter – bad.

I sigh deeply once again. Whilst commendable that the editor of Drive commissioned a woman to write a piece, given that it NEVER happens, it was disappointing to see that the woman in question had been tasked with harping on about the merits and demerits of some extremely bland family wagons. The headline was equally […]

More “girly” car advertising

Now it’s Chrysler’s turn. A lovely photo of a confused looking model with huge red lips and gigantic shopping bags…to advertise a car. The strap line proudly proclaims that it’s cheaper to buy the Ypsilon (stupid name) than the average monthly spend to “look good”. Yes, because all of us silly women only think about […]