Why the Range Rover Sport is like Daniel Craig…

When is a car not a car? When it’s Daniel Craig in car form. What other car can scale mountains, wade rivers, handle the Stelvio pass at speed and then turn up at the Savoy for dinner? Not many…
Not only can it do anything and go anywhere, it car is a blast to drive. 0-60mph in just UNDER 5 seconds plus a superb soundtrack from the engine. If a 510hp engine at full revs doesn’t put a silly grin on your face, you must already be dead. The last time I had this much fun in a 4×4 was in the BMW X6M a few years ago….

Hustling the car along the Welsh roads, plus a brief stint in a top secret MOD base on loose gravel really did cement the fact that this car is seriously capable. Although it’s undeniably huge, it doesn’t drive like a big car and feels as nimble as a ballet dancer.

A fast car and a runway is ALWAYS going be fun. Doing a 0-100mph-0 sprint in 15 seconds with no hands on the wheel on braking goes against the grain somewhat – but some very clever oompa loompas in each wheel keep the car perfectly straight. It did 150mph along the runway into a headwind and then stopped quicker than than if you ran into a giant sticky toffee pudding. You won’t get the published 22mph (combined) if you do that sort of nonsense on a regular basis though….but who buys a 5 litre 510 hp car if they are worried about fuel consumption…? That’s what diesel engines are for.

It scaled the obstacles inside a jumbo jet (yes seriously) with panache. At one stage it dangled one diagonal wheels, at least 1m clear of the ground, and as the car gently swayed there, the technician grabbed the opposite side and pulled it over to him. Must be those missing 420kg that allowed him to do that!

The boot is pretty capacious. I’d easily get my son’s huge offroad buggy and other paraphernalia in there,  and unlike in my Audi Allroad the fabric roof lining wouldn’t get scratched hefting the thing in and out. Win. 

List price £81,550


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