We are going to need a bigger boat…

After exhaustive research I realised that the Scandinavians are right. Keeping a child rear facing until they are 4 years old is significantly (five times) safer than forwards. It’s all about the weight of their heads and the physics is obvious.
Decision made, seat bought and fitted. A BeSafe Izi Combi, for those who want to know. Made in Norway.

I am, however, intrigued to know what cars people are driving over there, as the seat is bloody huge. Stretch limos? I have an Audi A6 Allroad. It’s a BIG car. But with this seat fitted the front passenger seat is now so far forwards that both Matt and I have our knees touching the dashboard. That’s not safe or comfortable, so something will have to change. And the car seat isn’t it.
What are the options?
Going back to a 4×4 seems to be the only realistic proposition. This is a shame really as I enjoy the handling of an estate car that comes with having a low centre of gravity, but I think technology is now so good on these premium brands that I’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Range Rover Sport was after all, excellent.
So far, one small baby takes up more room in a big car than his 6ft plus parents. As his safety is paramount, the huge rear facing seat stays and the car goes.


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