BMW launch a new series – 4

I’m rather a fan of sleek lines, automotive or otherwise, so two door coupés have always been right up my street (I’ve owned a few).
When rumours abounded a couple of years ago that the 3 series coupé was to be no more, I thought BMW were making a terrible mistake. However, in killing it off they introduced a brand new range – the awfully pretty 4 series coupé. It’s aimed at the Audi A5/Mercedes C class market and fills a gap in the BMW lineup. It’s bigger than the predecessor – longer, lower and wider. It’s also got way more room inside – enough, in fact, to fit an extended rear facing car seat in. WITHOUT having to jam the passenger seat as far forwards as it will go. This means that this is one of very few two door coupés you won’t immediately have to sell the moment that blue line appears on the little Clearview stick…
The car has better manners than most men. It politely hands you the seatbelt when you sit down and close the door. If you choose the Eco Pro mode of driving it gently reminds you to slow down, take your foot off the gas and change gear to use as little fuel as possible. Put it in sport mode and it stiffens up like a startled cat, sharpening all responses and becoming extremely fun to drive. Gone are the days when a 2.0 litre diesel couldn’t run out of sight on a dark night. This one gets to 60mph in just over 7 seconds and yet I averaged more than 45mpg on a variety of roads and with a variety of driving styles…making it from Inverness to Oxford one one tank of fuel.
Pretty doesn’t have to be horribly impractical either. The boot is plenty big enough for a buggy and enough luggage for a four day trip for two adults and a baby, who naturally required more stuff than both adults combined, despite being 1/4 of the size.
Being realistic, you won’t buy this as your only car if you have small children.
But if you don’t have to put kids in it every day, or have access to something bigger as well, it is a perfectly usable machine.
The 420d is the sensible choice of engine. That said, I can’t WAIT for the M4 when that comes out 😉


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