Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Unusually for a girl, I really don’t like cars that don’t have a roof. They are generally too noisy – the wind/road/tyre noise eclipsing anything you might get from the engine, too blowy (my hair, darling!) and too darn small. I hate feeling like I could be nothing more than a Redbull-spilling bump in the road to a 44 ton Artic. My final gripe is that it’s quite hard not to feel like a massive poser.


However, absolutely none of the above applies to the Aventador roadster.

For a start, it’s massive. When it comes to cars, I like massive. Very, very wide, this is probably the only car in which I’d slow down (slightly) for the width restriction bollards going up onto the Hammersmith flyover. As for parking at Waitrose – well, this is the car for which Ocado was invented. Not being able to open the doors isn’t a problem if one’s shopping is delivered. If you absolutely must park in a car park with OTHER CARS (perish the thought) the scissor doors mean that you will at least manage to exit.

It is noisy. But the noise is from that glorious V12, not from wind, road or tyres. The car sounds like a very, very angry dragon – it doesn’t bark or howl; it screams from the bottom of its lungs. I love it.

They’ve done something very clever with the way the air moves over the car, and even sans wind deflector, my hair stayed on my head. I even looked normal when I got out, silly grin aside, as opposed to my normal roofless “do” which makes me look like I’ve been wrestling a polo pony in a Dyson cyclone.


As for the posing – well, that’s basically the point. You don’t buy a Lamborghini of any description if your idea of a good day out is trundling around a DIY store in beige trousers whilst wearing those comfy shoes from the small ads in back of the Sunday Times magazine.  You buy a Lamborghini because it’s the loudest, most bad-ass, striking looking beast of a car on the road. And you buy the roadster so everyone can see that you are the absolute polar opposite of beige trouser DIY man.


There’s no point trying to dissect the handling or performance and trying to find fault. No top performance car manufacturer is going to turn out a lemon in this day and age. The Aventador is no exception – the acceleration is proper “punch in the kidneys” powerful. The brakes could stop an African elephant in one second flat.
It’s so low and squat that it corners with no lean whatsoever, and the steering isn’t frighteningly twitchy. In other words you don’t feel as though if you ran over so much as a peanut you’d shoot straight off the road. I used to own a car whose entire agenda was to try to kill me every time I drove it. At least I knew that if anyone stole it they’d not get far as they’d be upside down in a ditch at the very first bend. The Aventador on the other hand takes great pains to keep you alive. Which is nice.


0-62mph 2.9 seconds
Max speed 217mph (restricted)

Price: £If you need to ask….


The roadster isn’t available until November. However those who have the means to buy one can now go to the all-new HR Owen Lamborghini dealership in Pangbourne, near Reading.

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