More “girly” car advertising

Now it’s Chrysler’s turn. A lovely photo of a confused looking model with huge red lips and gigantic shopping bags…to advertise a car. The strap line proudly proclaims that it’s cheaper to buy the Ypsilon (stupid name) than the average monthly spend to “look good”. Yes, because all of us silly women only think about […]

Lack of female journalists highlighted in Diesel Car magazine

Journalist Simon Hacker has written an interesting piece in Diesel Car about the lack of women on the board of Car of the Year (COTY) and about the lack of women in general in motoring journalism – and yours truly is quoted.

Citroen joins Fiat in the patronising advert campaign

Citroen have jumped on the sexist, twee, patronising school of advertising. This time, it’s all about the incredibly important need to match one’s car to one’s nail polish. I find this to be a recurring problem and often cannot leave the house as I can’t quite match the shade. Fortunately, Citroen have the answer. Not […]

Fiat level the playing field

Phew. It seems that Fiat’s awful “cars as fashion accessories” message in advertising isn’t just confined to women. They’ve decided to patronise men too, by likening a Fiat 500 to something they’d find in their wardrobe.

How Fiat think women want to be targeted

My enjoyment of the Style section in the Sunday Times was somewhat sullied by this double page Fiat 500 advert: Is this really how Fiat think women want to be targeted? By using the pre-pubescent past time of cutting out paper clothes and putting them over a cartoon character as the primary feature. This is […]

Enough sexism!

The whole reason for this site is explained in one photo caption in the August issue of Car magazine. Women are still being marginalised and ridiculed as all being completely useless behind the wheel and unable to change a tyre. It’s high time this changed! Women make up half of all car owners and 16 […]