Sunday Times. Female writer – good. Subject matter – bad.


I sigh deeply once again. Whilst commendable that the editor of Drive commissioned a woman to write a piece, given that it NEVER happens, it was disappointing to see that the woman in question had been tasked with harping on about the merits and demerits of some extremely bland family wagons.
The headline was equally belittling and patronising.
“Mummy’s 55mpg high heels”. Please. Would a Clarkson article have a title along these lines? “Daddy’s 14mpg penis extension” perhaps? Or “Daddy’s 250mph chick magnet”?
No. Of course not.
It’s possible that there is some ancient by-law that prohibits women from writing about cars in a normal manner, without feeling like they have to make constant references to mpg, flipping cup holders and practicality for children.
Certainly, male editors seem unable to comprehend that readers might not give a stuff what gender the writer is, provided they know their subject matter.

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