Premium MPV from BMW

BMW launched their first ever MPV last year (sharp intake of breath) in front wheel drive (faint!). The 2 series active tourer was an instant hit,  and this new model, the 2 series Gran Tourer, is a longer, 7 seater version. 

The back seats slide backwards and forwards, and you can fit three child seats across them. There are two more seats in the boot that fold flat when not needed. 

There’s also, importantly for a family car like this, enough room for a large extended rear facing seat, allowing plenty of leg room for the front passenger (and I’m 6ft!)

There are five engines, from the 218i (from £24,710) with claimed mpg of 53.3,  to the 220d x drive (from £32,540) with a claimed mpg of 57.6. Sat Nav is now standard on all BMWs. 

It’s an easy car to drive, and extremely stable – I drove one through a line of cones at speed, really yanking it from side to side (the famous moose test) and it felt perfectly balanced at all times. Remember the orginal A class Mercedes? It fell over in the moose test, rather like an actual moose of hit by a car….

In short this is an extremely practical family car, sprinkled with a little BMW class. 

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