BMW i8

Design that will both stand the test of time and yet also turn heads when launched is a rare thing indeed. Most achieve one or the other. The BMW i8 has done both.

It is a car of such sweeping elegance that it would not look out of place in the pages of a fashion magazine. The aerodynamics are integrated beautifully into the design, with parts of the car seemingly floating, unconnected and defying gravity.
Each and every feature has a purpose, from the air scoop on the bonnet that channels air up and over the rod to increase downforce, to channels that force air through the wheels, cooling the monstrously powerful brakes.

The cockpit is beautiful too. The console is angled a precise 12% towards the driver, and strips over the dash and along the doors glow gently. You can even change the colour to suit your mood.

However it’s a car, and therefore meant to be driven. Being a BMW, it’s also meant to be driven hard. Obviously I set off in sport mode, because it’s stonkingly good fun driving a supercar at speed. It’s actually the whole point of a supercar.
The car is fantastically nimble and deft. It feels incredibly light and superbly balanced, and somehow the clever pixies in the engineering team have made this tiny 1.5 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine sound absolutely glorious. Drop down a gear and the overrun sounds tremendous, accelerate and that wonderfully raspy engine sounds as good as something three times the size.

The feather light scissor doors are possible thanks to an incredibly are if carbon fibre passenger cell, that weighs only 200kg and looks really damn cool.

The electric motor is good for about 20 miles, and gets recharged by the engine when you drive it in sport mode. 20 miles is plenty for most local trips and for most city driving, then petrol engine takes over for the proper stuff.

It’s a masterpiece on every level and more than deserving of all the accolades received so far.

0-62 is 4.4 seconds
Top speed 155mph
Oh, and it does 135mpg….
From £94,999





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