V12 Vantage S is the bad boy you just have to take home….

You know the one…too good looking for his own good. Charming, funny but totally set in his ways and loves his freedom. Yet…irresistible, because he will be just so much fun to be with. Even though it might all end in tears, you just can’t help yourself. Because he might be the ONE…
Well, here is the automotive equivalent.

This is quite simply one of the maddest, baddest and most gloriously demented cars I have ever had the sheer pleasure to drive. Drive is too bland a word to describe the experience of being propelled along in this car. You don’t really drive it, you sort of grapple with it, as it barks and howls and strains at the leash, baying with excitement till you let it go, whereupon it rockets off with raucous enthusiasm, scrabbling for grip in almost every gear. You can’t help but emit a little squeak as the traction control light blinks faster than a lying politician, and the accompanying cacophony from the engine makes you send it close to 7,000 revs just to hear it bellow. That said, if you are just cruising along, it’s quiet and refined. It doesn’t feel the need to be all loud and shouty all the time…just when you want it to be.

The original V12 Vantage was a “proper” manual (you know, with three pedals and all that) and this new S  is a manual too, but with 7 gears, paddles and only two pedals. I’m not too proud to admit that it took a little getting used to, as you do need to lift off fractionally to change gear or you get a horrible jerk (not talking about politicians this time). The car will change down for you but not up (unless you leave it “Drive”, but where’s the fun in that?), which also needs remembering or you’ll find yourself bouncing off the rev limiter.

The brakes truly are a thing of wonder – ceramic on this car,they have a superb feel and are savagely effective, meaning driving this car as its maker intended is joyous rather than terrifying. You’ll stop in a heartbeat.

It’s an absolute hooligan, but a charming, well dressed, classy hooligan. A hooligan you can take to the smartest event or the scariest racetrack and everything in between. I think I’m in love….

6.0 litre V12 (naturally aspirated)

620Nm of torque
0-60mph in 3.7 secs
205 mph
£140,000 (ish)


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