The new M3: School run at warp factor 10

I do have a few friends who do school runs in something fun. The trouble is that usually fun cars and kids don’t combine because said fun cars generally only have two doors. However the M3 saloon has four. Happy days 🙂

It’s stonking. It looks bad ass with a wide rear track and wing mirrors that look like Oakley sunglasses. It’s all smooth and pussycat-like to drive till you put it into sport (almost crash) mode or if you are feeling super brave, sport plus (definitely crash) mode.
I’m kidding. You won’t crash. Probably.
The interior is lovely and the seats hold you tight as you barrel round corners, revelling in your amazing driving ability (sorry, the clever car is actually doing all the hard work) and enjoying the wonderfully raucous exhaust. All the on board tech lets you have fun with the car but will rein it back in if it starts to slide too far- though if you go totally barking mad, physics will inexorably win. But you have to be on the rabid side of mad for that to happen…
0-60 in 4.1 sec
440 BHP
= absolutely brilliant fun
From £56,175
Oh, and if you don’t have any kids, buy the coupé. Identical mechanically, but slimmer and sexier (in my opinion).



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