Wilton Classic Supercar with Castrol Edge: Not just for boys

Yesterday’s event was a true family day out. All ages, both genders – having fun and enjoying the spectacle of a beautiful house and beautiful cars.


You don’t have to be obsessed with cars to enjoy WCS. The house and grounds are stunning. The cars are gorgeous, no one can deny that the design of some of the classics are of a timeless elegance, and many of the modern Supercars are so sleek and pretty that they almost look like works of art. The BMW i8 for example, on close inspection, is covered in subtle styling features, and from a distance is so pretty that it was being mobbed.
As for the classics – E Types, old Bentleys and Bugattis and many many more. Little boys took great pleasure in correcting their parents on the specifics of each model, and it was often women heard enthusing about certain cars. The Supercar parade even had a few women at the wheel. More next year please!


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