BMW i8

Design that will both stand the test of time and yet also turn heads when launched is a rare thing indeed. Most achieve one or the other. The BMW i8 has done both.

BMW launch driverless car

Well, at least that’s what it looks like from the latest 4 series convertible ad! Hopefully I’ll be testing the new M3 and M4 soon. Watch this space…

The ERF (extended rear facing) i-size car seat problem

Government guidelines in the new i-size car seats (which will likely be law from 2015) will mean that toddlers must stay rear facing until 15 months minimum. In countries like Sweden it is 4yrs old. This is a GOOD thing. Small children have large heads and weak necks, and can suffer catastrophic neck injuries in […]

BMW X5 has bum lift, kicks ass.

The original X5 was groundbreaking: A 4×4 that actually went around corners without giving the impression of being aboard a heeling yacht. It spawned a whole new generation of sporty SUVS. It did however, have a bum like a fishwife. The next one had a more shapely backside, and this all new X5 has a pleasingly […]