Citroen joins Fiat in the patronising advert campaign

Citroen have jumped on the sexist, twee, patronising school of advertising. This time, it’s all about the incredibly important need to match one’s car to one’s nail polish. I find this to be a recurring problem and often cannot leave the house as I can’t quite match the shade. Fortunately, Citroen have the answer. Not only that, it has “glam fuschia pink side mirrors”. Well that’s settled then. What more could a girl want? No mention of what it’s like to drive of course. Why would us silly females want to know about its handling? Now, where are my eyelash curlers?



  1. Hi folks, are you currently on Google+? Can be wonderful for me to read
    through any later articles or blog posts

  2. Quite agree – this is very patronising advertising. Our Head of Marketing’s wife did confess to choosing a white car because it would match any outfit she wore, but then a blue Mazda MX-5 turned her head. However, this ad is taking things too far. Cars need to have style, good design and practicality, but the emphasis on ‘performance data for guys, colour options for girls’ is frankly from the age of dinosaurs.

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