Mini Paceman John Cooper Works


If you have a headache, have had a crap day, are bored with life, feeling a bit sleepy, gone overdrawn, been dumped or if ANYTHING BAD AT ALL has happened to you, jump in this car and go for a drive.
If it doesn’t immediately cheer you up, you are in fact already dead. From the uber funky styling, to the sharp, agile handling, to the eager little engine, this car is absolutely designed for enjoyment. It’s got a 1.6l engine which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s got two turbos bolted on. Turbos make me very happy, especially when there is a) no lag and b) that cool whistling noise as they spool up. LIKE.
It will merrily wizz to 60mph in 6.9 seconds but not deplete the Saudi oil reserves in the process – 38mpg combined.
There’s all manner of cool stuff in the cabin – you can stream music from Napster, for example.

Practical stuff:
Actually, it’s huge inside. A genuine Tardis. Masses of leg room, two proper size seats in the back. Isofix points and room for a pushchair/shopping bags/bowling balls/a dog or whatever takes your fancy.


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