MG3 SuperMini

This is a good looking little thing. Well styled, with raked, angular headlights, leds and squared off exhaust pipes. I like. Putting aside the clichéd colour scheme of this particular car (pink wing mirrors, pink 1970’s style check roof) the new MG3 supermini could audition for a part in Dr Who as the new Tardis. It’s pretty wee on the outside but absolutely huge on the inside. I’m 6ft and I had masses of head room. No problem in the back seats either -it will take 5 adults. That’s more than I can say for my Audi A6, with its pointless (hard) middle seat int the back.
The boot is deceptively large. I bought a 25kg bag of sugar beet (obviously) and then did the weekly shop. Well, there aren’t only human mouths to feed here. All fitted with bags of room to spare. Pardon the pun…

The dash is neatly laid out, with sort of faux-leather seats which look more expensive than they are.

There’s an all-important iPod dock in a cubby hole on the dash, but that was slightly irrelevant as I couldn’t work out how to turn on the stereo. I pressed an awful lot of buttons but it remained resolutely, defiantly silent.
Silent too, is the engine. On tickover its so quiet that even with the stereo off I could barely hear it, and had to look at the rev counter to check it was in fact running. It will do 48mpg combined, and get to 60mph in a perfectly acceptable 10.4 seconds.
It’s sprightly enough to drive, but could really do with a bit more oomph. The handling is great, but you can’t get enough out of the car to make the most of it. Though most people who buy this car won’t be too fussed about its prowess on B roads late at night…
Reversing is a bit tricky as visibility out the back isn’t brilliant. The whole reversing experience was made somewhat more fraught by the high pitched squealing noise triggered by putting the car in reverse. Why? WHY? I know I’m going backwards. I know this because I deliberately pressed the clutch pedal, put the car into reverse, and then started going backwards. I don’t need the automotive equivalent of screaming baby noise thrown into the mix.
Finally, there is a button to turn off the traction control. I find this intriguing….are they planning a hot hatch version and thought they’d get the button installed nice and early?

This is most likely a competitor to the Dacia Sandero, so comparing apples with apples, this is a perfectly decent little car with some fun design options available to new buyers. I’d have gone for bright yellow as I like shouty colours in little cars. Just not pink…




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