Lack of female journalists highlighted in Diesel Car magazine

Journalist Simon Hacker has written an interesting piece in Diesel Car about the lack of women on the board of Car of the Year (COTY) and about the lack of women in general in motoring journalism – and yours truly is quoted. It will be up to editors to accept content from women – the roll call of shame includes Pistonheads, EVO magazine, Sunday Times “Drive”  – none of whom have a single woman road testing cars.  It’s not what gender you are that matters, it’s how well you do your job and how well you know your subject area. As for the consumers – Women don’t really have different requirements from men in what they want in a car – there are certainly men who couldn’t care less what it looks like as long as it gets from a to b, and there are women who want a twitchy RWD sports car. When it comes to family cars, what men and women want is the same – safety and practicality. Granted, there are less petrolhead women than petrolhead men, but they are still out there!

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