Where do women go to read about cars?

…Or do they read about cars at all?
I can’t think of a single friend of mine who has bought or even read a car magazine. They are produced entirely for men – from the blokey (sexist) banter to the all-male contributors.
So if a girl wants a car, what does she do?
As far as I can figure out, some girls ask other girls for their opinion.
Some just walk into their nearest car dealership, irrespective of make, and buy a car that meets their needs based on size and body style.

But what about girls who want to buy something having done some research first? If it isn’t from one of the (men’s) car magazines, what other outlets are there?


It needs to come from all angles. The manufacturers need to realise that falling over themselves to push their cars to men is only reaching half their potential market.
The media companies need to include women in their target audience. Women’s publications need to include motoring content (which would also increase advertising revenue). The content doesn’t need to be boring and dry. Look at Clarkson’s reviews!

It’s all about the lifestyle element.

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